Things to do in Kathmandu during Monsoon

Beautiful view of Patan Durbar Square during a rain

The rainy season is starting very soon in Nepal and it lasts for the months like in previous years. Being a citizen of Kathmandu and a mere Eco-worrier, rains always excites me because it not only washes the pile of dust from its sky but it also takes away the garbage deposited in the banks of rivers. Clear sky, beautiful dusk, and romantic rain sounds are on a good side of it whereas the slippery roads, mud, wet hair and shoes are the worst part of it. As soon as monsoon starts your bike ride is no longer the same fun as it used to be, you might want to skip the morning classes and want to stay inside the blanket for a whole day long. Imagine your weekends limited inside your room, and your day passing just counting the raindrops rolling down your window pane. So to enjoy this beautiful weather and appreciate the monsoon enough, here is the list of things you can do during monsoon days in Kathmandu.

1. Attending Ropaai Jatra

Nepal is an agricultural country but rice plantation has become an occasion rather farming. They already have started measuring land in Kathmandu by their fingertip due to lack of it. So to enjoy the fun of agriculture and farming, and knowing it better you can attend a ‘Ropaai Jaatra’ organized by different community groups in different parts of Kathmandu valley like Khokana, lubhoo, and bhakatpaur. Ropaai Jatra is celebrated every year on 15th of Ashaar.

rice plantation in Nepal

2. Visiting Durbar Squares and heritage sites around Kathmandu

Durbar squares and heritage sites are the prime attraction of Kathmandu city. These places are a good treat for your eyes and rainy season adds up even more beauty to these places. Sightseeing around these sites can be another thing you might enjoy during monsoon in Kathmandu.

bhaktapur durbarsquare during rain

3. A coffee break in the nearest cafe

A coffee date with your partner or even alone in your nearest coffee shop could be absolute romantic when it is raining outside. Take a comfortable window seat and enjoy every sip of your coffee.

coffee and rain

4. Visiting naturally rich places near Kathmandu

There are many places like Nagarkot and Dhulikhel which are in the stone throw distance from the central Kathmandu where you can plan your day-out or weekends. The exposure to nature will definitely fill up your soul with some positive energy. You can get easy access to local transportation if you hate a ride during the muddy rainy season.

Naturally Rich- Nagarkot

5. Treat yourself with hygienic and delicious homemade foods

Rain and a delicious momo is a nice combo. A rainy day is not complete without hot soup, coffee and delicious food. If it’s raining outside and you have got a lazy foot to step outside, its time to enjoy your time with your family. Prepare some delicious foods and share a lovely time with your family. Since you have a long day ahead, why not to make your favorite food on your own? Learn how to make veg momos.

Delicious momos

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