Lo Manthang – how to reach | possible means to reach

Lo manthang, restricted territory In upper mustang
Breathtaking View Of LoManthang

The restricted land in Upper Mustang, Lo Manthang, lies in a restricted territory of upper mustang which used to be the capital of the kingdom of Lo. A foreign visitors need to purchase a permit worth US dollar 500 which will be valid for 10 days to enter this piece of heaven. Foreign travelers must travel with a guide and a proper health checkup and medicines are highly recommended before planning a visit to the Lo Manthang. Here are the means to get to that place.


You can plan your visit to Lo Manthang via heavy duty bikes. We recommend bikes like Royal Enfield, VR, Hartford or pulsar over 200cc. From Pokhara make your way to Tatopani and make a stop there. Next day continue your journey from Tatopani to Kagbeni or Jomsom. The checkpoint for upper mustang is at Kagbeni, from here start your next day journey to Ghami and next day to your final destination.


If you have own or a hired jeep you can start your journey to Tatopani from Pokhara on the first day and then all the way to Chhusang on the second day. The very next day you can leave for Lo Manthang from Chhusang. You can hire jeeps from here

Trekking from Chele to Lo Manthang

Trekking is slower than other means but it’s worth it to explore and witness breathtaking views. Here is the schedule of trekking to Lo Manthang assuming you are a trekker with average speed.
Day1 – Walk to Chele from Kagbeni
Day2 – from Chele to Ghiling, this trail is very challenging
Day3 – walk to Charang.
Day4 – on next 4-5 hours of trek, now you are finally at Lo Manthang.

Let us know if you are planning your next visit to this amazing restricted village and if you need any kind of tips or suggestions. Stay connected with us and do not forget to share with us your experience in there.

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