Whitewater rafting – My First Experience

How it all started?

It was a pre monsoon hot summer day in Kathmandu, all we could imagine at that moment was a bath in ice cold water or sit behind and consume liters of chilled beer. As I clinked my third glass of beer with my friend I spoke about my plan to go for a whitewater rafting. I also showed them the screenshot of the offer posted in Facebook by ‘Himalayan River Fun Beach resort’ that morning. They got surprised that a person who was afraid of water pool was planning for a rafting. There were no any other better ideas than this to skip the roasting heat of Kathmandu, though the temperature of the place we were about to go was extremely higher than the temperature in here, but who cares? Imagine when you dive into the swirl of cold water of Trishuli river. The level of excitement got us going. We finished one case of beer and emptied the refrigerator filled with ice cubes earlier and stood up to make a plan for next morning.

whitewater rafting at trishuli
whitewater rafting at trishuli

What we did?

We took a package that included both way bus ticket, lunch and the rafting cost. We arrived Jamal at 7 in the morning and rode off to Charaudi khola, the starting point of our rafting. It took us about 3 hours to reach that place where our guide were waiting for us. As soon as we reached there he gave us the required equipments that includes helmet, life jacket and paddle and thoroughly explained us the rules, safety measures and the things to do and things not to do. As we started our rafting we all lifted up our paddles and high-fived to each other, that moment was unforgettable. We all nearly passed out when we came out of the first and one of the biggest current of water. Funny, we hoped such current would never occur again but hundreds of more were waiting for us. As we started swiping out the fear and started enjoying water currents and waves, we hoped those were never to come to an end.

If you are also looking forward to plan a rafting, go for it and go right now – it’s really fun. But there are some serious safety measures you need to follow when you are in the river. Your rafter or guide will tell everything before you ride off. Keep things in your mind and give serious attention to your guide, he will tell you what to do next.

Please note

Before you go for a rafting, make sure you …

-wear light clothes. Avoid heavy fabrics like Jeans wears.
-Carry a comfortable slipper or light shoes.
-Carry a sun-glass and sunscreen cream for your skin.
-Make sure you are not drunk and faint-heart.
-Swimming knowledge is not compulsory here, but better if you learn it.

Have a nice rafting folks. Share with us your experience, comment down.

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