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The Wayward Daughter Book Cover Front
The Wayward Daughter Book cover

The first novel carries a lot of promises as it is the result of hard work, dreams, aspiration and author’s acute day-to-day observation to the things around her. “The Wayward Daughter”- Shradha Ghale’s debut novel published on Dec 1st, 2018 is her promising novel. The novel portrays the lifestyle of Kathmandu during early 90’s. Sumnima Tamule, a leading character here, discovers herself through love and her loss. It points out the mistakes she inevitably makes as a teenager, and narrates the impact on her made by different Generation people she was surrounded with. Ghale narrates interwoven story that touches all kind of readers through different characters that the reader can relate themselves with. Blurb is little misleading though.

The story explains the problems with joint family living in the city like Kathmandu. Gajendra Tamule, a father and her wife Premkala Limbu tries their best to fit in a small accommodation. Premkala’s mother who is permanent guest in the home and referred to as ‘Boju’ in the book whines and complains, hides food and creates a mess in the house which will take back the readers into their childhood.

The story also addresses class division in the society through vivid incidents like installing a telephone, a double door refrigerator or a new cabinet in the kitchen etc. The frustration seen on the central character Sumnima, because of her rich friends going to settle abroad and herself seeing in some local college with the low grades can be related to many young generation and teenagers these days. How she starts lying to parents, starts stealing money from home for her US returned RJ boyfriend who do not really seem to be interested towards her reflects the ups and downs that today’s generation  teenagers are experiencing in their love life.

Apart from some glaring obvious mistakes the book will warm your heart because this book basically is about the human relationship. Grab your copy, you will not get disappointed.

The Wayward Daughter

Author: Shradha Ghale
Genre: Fiction
language: English
Pages: 268, paperback
MRP: NR 560

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