Clean Feed – Good or bad for Nepalese TV Broadcaster?

Government of Nepal has decided to apply clean feed policy in Nepalese TV channels. But the implementation of this policy is not as easy as it sounds. Clean feed policy is not possible under current legal provision hence Nepal government is preparing to amend the policy.

Government has been planning to implement this policy from June 16 after getting continuous pressure from cable operators and Indian Media also denying to prepare separate advertising feeds for Nepal stating Nepal is small market place. Cable operators are also worried thispolicy will wipe them out of the business.

clean feed policy
Clean Feed

What is the Clean Feed policy?

The clean feed policy refers to a provision that requires the available channels either to make the contents advertisement-free or make their own advertisements using the national resources developed especially for Nepal.

Clean Feed policy | good or bad?

Clean feed policy requires the available channels aired in Nepal to develop a separate advertisement content or make it adv-free. This will allow Nepali adv agency and resources to utilize to the fullest.

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