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I started writing a diary long ago. The whole thing started when I was a kid, and it started as a slam book and auto. On slam book and auto I could only share the things I felt like sharing with my pals. What about the things that you can’t express or don’t want to express it in front of your friends and siblings? I chose a pen and paper and started writing my inner feelings, ups and downs, explained the moment I liked and disliked, wrote a place I visited and the things I ate. Papers piled up and ultimately it turned out to be my first personal diary which contained almost every little secret of mine. From stealing guava out of my neighbor’s field to falling for a girl with short hair and deep black eyes i explained it on my diary. The girl whom I fell for was a lead actress of my first ever written diary. I mentioned her name on every page and every line of my diary that when I was heartbroken I could not erase her name out from it. So I burnt it into ashes with heavy heart. First story ended here – as well the second one started.

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I was 17 when I was heartbroken in love for the first time. At that age, I could imagine a girl with fair complexion and long blonde hair as my dream girl. I could dream of marrying her in a very fancy church and kiss her lips as soon as the priest takes our vow. I could imagine a love story as beautiful as Romeo-Juliet or Laila-Majnu. The feelings and emotions started flooding inside my mind which I wanted to share with the people I knew and the people I didn’t know they existed. Slam books were for kids, a personal diary is too fragile and it stays there somewhere around the cupboard and no one ever knows about those love stories I created. So finally I chose a digital diary and created a Facebook page with the name Dear Diary (Alien Diary) and started pouring my feelings in there. Please check the page with the link given below and let me know your thoughts.

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