Whitewater rafting – My First Experience

How it all started?

It was a pre monsoon hot summer day in Kathmandu, all we could imagine at that moment was a bath in ice cold water or sit behind and consume liters of chilled beer. As I clinked my third glass of beer with my friend I spoke about my plan to go for a whitewater rafting. I also showed them the screenshot of the offer posted in Facebook by ‘Himalayan River Fun Beach resort’ that morning. They got surprised that a person who was afraid of water pool was planning for a rafting. There were no any other better ideas than this to skip the roasting heat of Kathmandu, though the temperature of the place we were about to go was extremely higher than the temperature in here, but who cares? Imagine when you dive into the swirl of cold water of Trishuli river. The level of excitement got us going. We finished one case of beer and emptied the refrigerator filled with ice cubes earlier and stood up to make a plan for next morning.

whitewater rafting at trishuli
whitewater rafting at trishuli

What we did?

We took a package that included both way bus ticket, lunch and the rafting cost. We arrived Jamal at 7 in the morning and rode off to Charaudi khola, the starting point of our rafting. It took us about 3 hours to reach that place where our guide were waiting for us. As soon as we reached there he gave us the required equipments that includes helmet, life jacket and paddle and thoroughly explained us the rules, safety measures and the things to do and things not to do. As we started our rafting we all lifted up our paddles and high-fived to each other, that moment was unforgettable. We all nearly passed out when we came out of the first and one of the biggest current of water. Funny, we hoped such current would never occur again but hundreds of more were waiting for us. As we started swiping out the fear and started enjoying water currents and waves, we hoped those were never to come to an end.

If you are also looking forward to plan a rafting, go for it and go right now – it’s really fun. But there are some serious safety measures you need to follow when you are in the river. Your rafter or guide will tell everything before you ride off. Keep things in your mind and give serious attention to your guide, he will tell you what to do next.

Please note

Before you go for a rafting, make sure you …

-wear light clothes. Avoid heavy fabrics like Jeans wears.
-Carry a comfortable slipper or light shoes.
-Carry a sun-glass and sunscreen cream for your skin.
-Make sure you are not drunk and faint-heart.
-Swimming knowledge is not compulsory here, but better if you learn it.

Have a nice rafting folks. Share with us your experience, comment down.

नेटफ़्लिक्स ले गेम निर्माण गर्दै | Netflix

netflix e3 announcement
Netflix E3 announcement

नेटफ़्लिक्स भिडियो हरु प्रसारण गरिने चर्चित र लोकप्रिय साइट हो । नेटफ़्लिक्स ले चलचित्र, सिरिज जस्ता लोकप्रिय भिडियो हरु प्रशारण गर्दै आएको छ भने ति मध्ये केहि भिडियो हरु नेटफ़्लिक्स आफैले निर्माण गर्ने गरेका छन् । व्यवसाइक रुप मा नेत्टफ़्लिक्स एकदम सफल साइट हो । यहि सफल र लोकप्रिय साइट नेटफ़्लिक्स ले आगामी दिन मा आफ्नो ग्राहक का निमित्त गेम लिएर आउन तयार भएका छन् ।

नेटफ़्लिक्स ले “नेक्स्ट गेम” नामक फिनिस गेम डेभलपर संग को सहकार्य मा आफ्नो पहिलो गेम “स्ट्रेन्जर थिन्ग्स 3 : द गेम” सार्वजनिक गर्न लागेका हुन् जुन गेम प्रसिद्ध सिरिज “स्ट्रेन्जर थिन्ग्स” मा नै आधारित रहेको छ । नेटफ़्लिक्स को पहिलो गेम आगामी जुन को 4 तारिक को दिन सार्वजनिक हुने छ। संयोगबस त्यहि दिन स्ट्रेन्जर थिन्ग्स को सिजन 3 पनि सार्वजनिक हुन गैरहेको छ । यो गेम ‘एक्स्बक्स वन’, ‘निनटेन्दो स्विच’ र ‘पी एस फो’ मा उपलब्ध हुनेछ ।

त्यसै गरि नेटफ़्लिक्स ले यसै बर्ष को अन्तिम तिर अर्को गेम पनि सार्वजनिक गर्ने तयारि गरिरहेको छ । नेटफ़्लिक्स को अर्को गेम “द डार्क क्रिस्टल : एज अफ रेसिस्टेन्स” नामक सिरिज मा आधारित रहनेछ र यो गेम पनि नेटफ़्लिक्स ले एकै डेभलपर को सहकार्य मा बन्ने छ । यी गेम हरु को घोषणा “एलेक्त्रोनिक इण्टर्टेनमेण्ट एक्स्पो (E3) मा गरिएको थियो । E3 एक बिशाल गेमिंग कन्फेरेन्स हो ।

कार्यक्रम को दौरान मा नेटफ़्लिक्स का डाइरेक्टर क्रिस लि ले भनेका छन्, “हामी फिल्म र शो हरु बाहेक अन्य माध्यम बाट पनि हाम्रो कार्य बिस्तार गर्ने अवसर को खोजी मा रहेका छौ, त्यसका लागी भिडियो गेम्स एक उत्कृष्ट अवसर हुन सक्दछ” ।

के तपाइलाइ लाग्छ नेटफ़्लिक्स ले भिडियो स्त्रिमिंग मा जुन किसिम को अब्बल स्थान ओगट्न सफल भएको छ, त्यहि सफलता गेम मा पनि पाउन सक्ने छन्? तपाइँ हरु को बिचार कमेन्ट मा लेख्नु होला ।

The Wayward Daughter-Shradha Ghale | Book review

The Wayward Daughter Book Cover Front
The Wayward Daughter Book cover

The first novel carries a lot of promises as it is the result of hard work, dreams, aspiration and author’s acute day-to-day observation to the things around her. “The Wayward Daughter”- Shradha Ghale’s debut novel published on Dec 1st, 2018 is her promising novel. The novel portrays the lifestyle of Kathmandu during early 90’s. Sumnima Tamule, a leading character here, discovers herself through love and her loss. It points out the mistakes she inevitably makes as a teenager, and narrates the impact on her made by different Generation people she was surrounded with. Ghale narrates interwoven story that touches all kind of readers through different characters that the reader can relate themselves with. Blurb is little misleading though.

The story explains the problems with joint family living in the city like Kathmandu. Gajendra Tamule, a father and her wife Premkala Limbu tries their best to fit in a small accommodation. Premkala’s mother who is permanent guest in the home and referred to as ‘Boju’ in the book whines and complains, hides food and creates a mess in the house which will take back the readers into their childhood.

The story also addresses class division in the society through vivid incidents like installing a telephone, a double door refrigerator or a new cabinet in the kitchen etc. The frustration seen on the central character Sumnima, because of her rich friends going to settle abroad and herself seeing in some local college with the low grades can be related to many young generation and teenagers these days. How she starts lying to parents, starts stealing money from home for her US returned RJ boyfriend who do not really seem to be interested towards her reflects the ups and downs that today’s generation  teenagers are experiencing in their love life.

Apart from some glaring obvious mistakes the book will warm your heart because this book basically is about the human relationship. Grab your copy, you will not get disappointed.

The Wayward Daughter

Author: Shradha Ghale
Genre: Fiction
language: English
Pages: 268, paperback
MRP: NR 560

Clean Feed – Good or bad for Nepalese TV Broadcaster?

Government of Nepal has decided to apply clean feed policy in Nepalese TV channels. But the implementation of this policy is not as easy as it sounds. Clean feed policy is not possible under current legal provision hence Nepal government is preparing to amend the policy.

Government has been planning to implement this policy from June 16 after getting continuous pressure from cable operators and Indian Media also denying to prepare separate advertising feeds for Nepal stating Nepal is small market place. Cable operators are also worried thispolicy will wipe them out of the business.

clean feed policy
Clean Feed

What is the Clean Feed policy?

The clean feed policy refers to a provision that requires the available channels either to make the contents advertisement-free or make their own advertisements using the national resources developed especially for Nepal.

Clean Feed policy | good or bad?

Clean feed policy requires the available channels aired in Nepal to develop a separate advertisement content or make it adv-free. This will allow Nepali adv agency and resources to utilize to the fullest.

Dear Diary | Facebook Based Nepali Literature Page

I started writing a diary long ago. The whole thing started when I was a kid, and it started as a slam book and auto. On slam book and auto I could only share the things I felt like sharing with my pals. What about the things that you can’t express or don’t want to express it in front of your friends and siblings? I chose a pen and paper and started writing my inner feelings, ups and downs, explained the moment I liked and disliked, wrote a place I visited and the things I ate. Papers piled up and ultimately it turned out to be my first personal diary which contained almost every little secret of mine. From stealing guava out of my neighbor’s field to falling for a girl with short hair and deep black eyes i explained it on my diary. The girl whom I fell for was a lead actress of my first ever written diary. I mentioned her name on every page and every line of my diary that when I was heartbroken I could not erase her name out from it. So I burnt it into ashes with heavy heart. First story ended here – as well the second one started.

Dear Diary official profile picture
Dear Diary Display Photo

I was 17 when I was heartbroken in love for the first time. At that age, I could imagine a girl with fair complexion and long blonde hair as my dream girl. I could dream of marrying her in a very fancy church and kiss her lips as soon as the priest takes our vow. I could imagine a love story as beautiful as Romeo-Juliet or Laila-Majnu. The feelings and emotions started flooding inside my mind which I wanted to share with the people I knew and the people I didn’t know they existed. Slam books were for kids, a personal diary is too fragile and it stays there somewhere around the cupboard and no one ever knows about those love stories I created. So finally I chose a digital diary and created a Facebook page with the name Dear Diary (Alien Diary) and started pouring my feelings in there. Please check the page with the link given below and let me know your thoughts.


Learn How to make Veg momo | Veg Momo Recipe

Momo is a favorite snack of every Nepali today. Momos are too common these days that it can be found everywhere from small local street shops to the bigger hotels and are available in different flavors from chicken, mutton to what we have here – a veg momos.

Ingredients of Veg momo

Fresh carrots and cabbage sautéed with onion, vinegar, black pepper, and garlic.

How to make?

1. mix maida and baking powder and knead to a stiff dough with water.
2. heat oil and add the onion. Saute over high heat and add carrot and cabbage, and turn around high heat till glossy
3. take it off and mix it in the soy sauce, vinegar, salt, and pepper.
4. roll the dough and cut it to rounds. Put the mix in the center.
5. bring edges together and cover the filling and seal it. 
6. Steam the dumplings for 10 minutes and enjoy it with your favorite pickle.

Things to do in Kathmandu during Monsoon

Beautiful view of Patan Durbar Square during a rain

The rainy season is starting very soon in Nepal and it lasts for the months like in previous years. Being a citizen of Kathmandu and a mere Eco-worrier, rains always excites me because it not only washes the pile of dust from its sky but it also takes away the garbage deposited in the banks of rivers. Clear sky, beautiful dusk, and romantic rain sounds are on a good side of it whereas the slippery roads, mud, wet hair and shoes are the worst part of it. As soon as monsoon starts your bike ride is no longer the same fun as it used to be, you might want to skip the morning classes and want to stay inside the blanket for a whole day long. Imagine your weekends limited inside your room, and your day passing just counting the raindrops rolling down your window pane. So to enjoy this beautiful weather and appreciate the monsoon enough, here is the list of things you can do during monsoon days in Kathmandu.

1. Attending Ropaai Jatra

Nepal is an agricultural country but rice plantation has become an occasion rather farming. They already have started measuring land in Kathmandu by their fingertip due to lack of it. So to enjoy the fun of agriculture and farming, and knowing it better you can attend a ‘Ropaai Jaatra’ organized by different community groups in different parts of Kathmandu valley like Khokana, lubhoo, and bhakatpaur. Ropaai Jatra is celebrated every year on 15th of Ashaar.

rice plantation in Nepal

2. Visiting Durbar Squares and heritage sites around Kathmandu

Durbar squares and heritage sites are the prime attraction of Kathmandu city. These places are a good treat for your eyes and rainy season adds up even more beauty to these places. Sightseeing around these sites can be another thing you might enjoy during monsoon in Kathmandu.

bhaktapur durbarsquare during rain

3. A coffee break in the nearest cafe

A coffee date with your partner or even alone in your nearest coffee shop could be absolute romantic when it is raining outside. Take a comfortable window seat and enjoy every sip of your coffee.

coffee and rain

4. Visiting naturally rich places near Kathmandu

There are many places like Nagarkot and Dhulikhel which are in the stone throw distance from the central Kathmandu where you can plan your day-out or weekends. The exposure to nature will definitely fill up your soul with some positive energy. You can get easy access to local transportation if you hate a ride during the muddy rainy season.

Naturally Rich- Nagarkot

5. Treat yourself with hygienic and delicious homemade foods

Rain and a delicious momo is a nice combo. A rainy day is not complete without hot soup, coffee and delicious food. If it’s raining outside and you have got a lazy foot to step outside, its time to enjoy your time with your family. Prepare some delicious foods and share a lovely time with your family. Since you have a long day ahead, why not to make your favorite food on your own? Learn how to make veg momos.

Delicious momos

Issues With Guthi | Everything you need to know about Guthi

1. Introduction to Guthi
2. How guthis lands are nationalized
3. Guthi sansthan’s role
4. Problem with guthi bill

On April 29, Minister of Land Management, Cooperatives and poverty Alleviation Padma Kumari Aryal tabled a bill at the Upper House that would consolidate all acts and amendments related to Guthis. The bill also proposed a powerful authority to replace the Guthi Sansthan and to nationalize all guthis (both public and private) and regulate all religious sites. Since then the Guthi bill has received serious objection from the Newar people from Kathmandu who have been holding protests, mass meeting and rallied calling for immediate withdrawal and cancellation of the bill. The protest began on June 9 and it is getting massive day by day. Newar people believed the bill is designed to erase history by wiping out the memory of indigenous communities, their culture and arts.

Here is some information regarding the Guthi, issues arising and the reason Newar and non-newar people from Kathmandu are protesting against it.

What is guthi?

Guthis are socio-economic institutions, which seems to have been in practice since fifth century. These institution fund their obligations from incomes off of cultivated or leased lands as assets. The incomes made by Guthis are mobilized to maintain the temples, public shelters, water sprouts, oraganize chariot processions and religious performance art and also provides fellowship for the arts and various other professions.

How guthis lands are nationalized?

At various points of changing Nepal, states and the rulers have occupied the historic properties for the state’s or personal use. Rana-Era palaces, hospitals, national buildings even singha durbar was once a land cultivated by guthis. This process have wiped out many guthis from Kathmandu.

Guthi Sansthan

The government set up a corporation – Guthi Sansthan – in 1964. There was little opposition that time but it got suppressed easily that time. Guthi sansthan nationalized all the lands and started generating revenue by leasing out the land to individual and companies. A little fund goes for the maintenance of historic places which is not enough at the present context of Nepal. Kathmandu is fasted growing city but the sansthan have been spending the same amount it spent back in ‘60s. Five decades of Guthi Sansthan still no any impressing result y

Problem with Guthi bill

The guthi bill is currently with upper house proposes repressive provision that would nationalize both private and public guthis , regulate all religious sites and replace sansthan with powerful authority. Newar community sees it as a threat of systematic erosion of indigenous Newar Culture and rights by state.

The bill violates the constitutional rights of citizens as article 26 (2) of the constitution says that every religious denomination shall have right to operate and protect its religious sites and religious guthi.

Lo Manthang – how to reach | possible means to reach

Lo manthang, restricted territory In upper mustang
Breathtaking View Of LoManthang

The restricted land in Upper Mustang, Lo Manthang, lies in a restricted territory of upper mustang which used to be the capital of the kingdom of Lo. A foreign visitors need to purchase a permit worth US dollar 500 which will be valid for 10 days to enter this piece of heaven. Foreign travelers must travel with a guide and a proper health checkup and medicines are highly recommended before planning a visit to the Lo Manthang. Here are the means to get to that place.


You can plan your visit to Lo Manthang via heavy duty bikes. We recommend bikes like Royal Enfield, VR, Hartford or pulsar over 200cc. From Pokhara make your way to Tatopani and make a stop there. Next day continue your journey from Tatopani to Kagbeni or Jomsom. The checkpoint for upper mustang is at Kagbeni, from here start your next day journey to Ghami and next day to your final destination.


If you have own or a hired jeep you can start your journey to Tatopani from Pokhara on the first day and then all the way to Chhusang on the second day. The very next day you can leave for Lo Manthang from Chhusang. You can hire jeeps from here

Trekking from Chele to Lo Manthang

Trekking is slower than other means but it’s worth it to explore and witness breathtaking views. Here is the schedule of trekking to Lo Manthang assuming you are a trekker with average speed.
Day1 – Walk to Chele from Kagbeni
Day2 – from Chele to Ghiling, this trail is very challenging
Day3 – walk to Charang.
Day4 – on next 4-5 hours of trek, now you are finally at Lo Manthang.

Let us know if you are planning your next visit to this amazing restricted village and if you need any kind of tips or suggestions. Stay connected with us and do not forget to share with us your experience in there.

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